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Buying a Chihuahua

The Chihuahua Club has received a number of calls from people who have tried to purchase Chihuahua puppies over the phone, the Internet and adverts in various publications, whereby they have been asked by the seller to forward a deposit. In most instances this is without even seeing a puppy. The reason that a deposit is required, according to the seller, is that it covers shipment costs, or charges that they have to incur before a puppy can be sold.

As a breed club they are very concerned that several people who have paid money as a 'deposit', particularly through adverts on the Internet, have not only lost their money, but also do not get a puppy.

We strongly recommend that all potential purchasers of Chihuahua puppies do not buy puppies over the Internet, but rather buy from reputable breeders. In all instances it should be possible to see the puppy's mother and possibly other relatives as well. We would advise that you do not part with any money, in the way of a deposit unless you have been to the breeders premises to view the puppy and you get a receipt.

It is with great sadness that the breed has seen a huge upturn in popularity in recent years as this has encouraged people who have no real interest in the breed to have litters of puppies to make money. They breed purely to make a quick profit, normally giving no thought to the dogs they own or breed, and certainly not to people buying from them. We would advise people who are serious about buying a Chihuahua that they consider very carefully where they buy from, not only are there people who are fraudulent but also people who do not breed for any other reason than to make as much money as they can. This goal does not benefit the puppy, the breed or the buyer.